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We at Sequential CNG Kits, one of the approved CNG Fitment Center Located in South Delhi. We install Sequential CNG Kits for all cars in Delhi. We install Sequential Injection System based Sequential CNG Kit in all make and model of cars. Sequential Injection CNG Kit is a New and innovative Technology in the Field of CNG Conversion Kits that supply CNG Directly to Car Engine and hence better mileage and torque/pickup. Sequential Kit Fitted car run smoothly with CNG as smooth as petrol. Due to it's innovative technology, now a days cost of installing Sequential CNG Conversion Kits are about 150%-170% than the Conventional CNG Conversion Kits.  

Sequential CNG Conversion Kits are totally automatic. Flow of Gas to Engine can be managed by computer. At drive when engine start, initially petrol is used as fuel. After a drive one KM or Engine Running time of 3 Min it automatically turns to CNG fuel without any jerk. When CNG pressure in the cylinder is reduced to a threshold value it again switches to petrol.

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Special Discount for CNG Kits !
We offer Special Discounts on Sequential & Conventional CNG Kits. Our Kits are approved as per latest norms. Please Call +91-9870285442 for Special rates.


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